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Pizza, Family Restaurant in Daleville, AL

Wings, Family Restaurant  Daleville, AL

Satisfy Your Hunger

with Our Hand-Tossed Pizza and Chicken Wings

Find a variety of food options, including hand-tossed pizza and chicken wings, at our restaurant in Daleville, Alabama. Trifecta offers you so much more than sandwiches. We feature amazing hand-tossed pizzas and calzones as well as hot and spicy chicken wings and salads.

Share one of our delicious calzones or hand-tossed thin or thick crust pizzas with friends and family. Our pizzas are stoned cooked to provide you with the greatest tasting pizza you've ever had. Our 2 most popular specialty pizzas include the Fast Track (supreme pizza) and Meat Feast (featuring 5 different meats). 

Pizza Sizes:

• 7-Inch Personal • 12-Inch • 14-Inch • 16-Inch

Pizza Toppings and Calzone Fillings:
• Pepperoni
• Sausage
• Black Olives
• Bacon
• Banana Peppers
• Ham
• Chicken
• Salami
• Mushrooms
• Onions
• Green Peppers
• Tomatoes
• Jalapeños
• Cheese


Italian Food, Hand-Tossed Pizza in Daleville, AL

Chicken Wings
Enjoy your favorite chicken wings with your choice of any sauce. You have the option of ordering 10, 20, 30, or 50 chicken wings covered in any of our 10 sauces.

Chicken Wing Sauces:

• Texas Barbecue
• Jamaican Jerk
• Sweet and Sour
• Honey Mustard
• Spicy Garlic
• Super Hot
• Teriyaki
• Medium
• Mild
• Hot


Greek Salad
Are you looking for a lighter option? We offer 3 types of salads, including green, chef, and Greek salad. The Greek salad is the most popular, and it includes lettuce, tomato, onions, green peppers, black olives, banana peppers, Tzatziki sauce, Gyro meat, and your choice of dressing.

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